Delicious Tsukemen ( Dipping Noodle ) in Halal Ramen Honolu (Nihonbashi, Tokyo)

There is a new halal ramen restaurant in Nihonbashi Tokyo, named Ramen Honolu. The nearest station to this restaurant is JR Kanda station (  11-12 minutes on foot ) or Tokyo Metro Mitsukoshimae station ( Hazomon line, 7 minutes on foot).

This restaurant is open everyday at 11.30-14.30 and 17.00-21.30, but sometimes is closed on sunday (periodically/ irregular holiday). I recommend for you to call first before going there (tel:03-6661-7724, english is okay) especially when going on a sunday or national holiday. For example, new year 2017 holidays, this restaurant will close on 29th Dec, 2016 until 3rd or 4th Jan, 2017 (I’m not sure).


Halal Media Japan said that Ramen Honolu is very popular in Osaka, so Fenda and Kholil decided to try it as soon as possible ^_^. We went there on 17th December 2016, after sightseeing around Tokyo with Tokunai Pass. The restaurant was quite small, with only about 10 chairs, the same as Shinjukugyoen Ramen Ouka in Shinjuku. Unfortunately, Ramen Honolu restaurant does not have a baby chair like in Ramen Ouka, so it’s quite difficult when you need to bring a 1-2 years old baby.

The first thing you need to do when you want to eat at this restaurant is to choose what you want and pay from the vending machine inside restaurant. There are also pictures on the menu, so you can choose what you want to eat according to the delicious pictures. I chose a spicy tsukemen (dipping noodle) for 880 yen and my lovely husband, Kholil chose soy sauce ramen for 730 yen. Actually he wanted to eat spicy ramen but I said no because our lovely daughter wanted to try his ramen ( sorry, honey 😁😁). We ordered normal size. If you want the large size, you just need to add 100 yen to your order .


And here is our review..

Review Fenda and Kholil


Fenda chose spicy tsukemen without additional topping ( because you must pay more for additional topping ), it came only with noodle, seaweed, and soup. Like the name, you must dip the noodle into the soup first aaaand the taste of this tsukemen was very delicious. My husband also said it was delicious. The soup was thick, sweet, and had a strong taste of roasted chicken, but salty ( for us ). There were also some small pieces of chicken inside but I think there should be more hehehe.. I love the noodle since it was chewy. On the other hand, I didn’t give it to our daughter since she is still only 1,5 years old.


My husband’s menu was soy sauce ramen. It came with noodle, one sliced chicken, minced chicken, komatsuna, seaweed and soup. You can also have ramen egg for topping with additional 100 yen. This ramen noodle was not as chewy as the tsukemen. The soup had very strong chicken broth taste and thick type soup like ramen in Ayam-Ya. My husband love this kind of ramen, and he said that it was delicious. I also tried it but I thought the chicken odor in that soup was too strong, so I prefered my spicy tsukemen.

Btw, there is cold water ( all you can drink 😁) and bon cabe level 10 & 15 on the table, so you can make your food more spicy. This restaurant has stamp collection papers, and you can get 1 stamp if you order 700 yen or more ( 700 yen ijou). If you collect 20 stamps ( I am not so sure ) you can get a free ramen. Interesting, right ^_^

Itabashiku, 20 Desember 2016


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