Beautiful Aquarium, Hakkejima Sea Paradise

In December 2015, we went to an aquarium in Yokohama city named Hakkejima Sea Paradise. It is located about 1,5 hours from Tokyo station. Not only aquarium, there is also enough large amusement park (attraction/ pleasure land). But when we went there ( it was winter), the amusement park was quite calm. Like other Aquarium in Japan, ticket for Hakkejima sea paradise is  expensive. It is about 3000 yen for the aquarium (aqua resort pass),  3200 yen (for aqua resort pass + aqua theater), or 5050 yen for one day pass includes aquarium, aqua theater and pleasure land pass/attraction pass (the price for attraction pass itself is 3000 yen). For more information about the ticket can be found here.


To reach Hakkejima sea paradise, we will need to take a sea side line train which offers a beautiful sea panorama along its way.

At that time, we chose aqua resort pass that cost 3000 yen per adult. The ticket allowed us to enter 4 places, the aqua museum (aquarium), umi (sea) farm, fureal lagoon, and dolphin fantasy.

Aqua Museum

Here you can see many sea creatures such as fishes, jelly fishes, penguins, and some others. They are kept in small and big aquarium boxes. In this place you can also enjoy a sea attraction during a scheduled time.





Umi Farm

For fishing and eating your own caught fish. It is free (using aqua pass) for hunting or fishing, unfortunately you need to pay more if you want to take home or eat them there.


Fureal Lagoon

In fureal lagoon, you can see and touch dolphins, sea lions, and some fishes during a scheduled time. Because many people want to do it, sometimes you have to queue.


Dolphin Fantasy

This place is a kind of dolphin aquarium. There, you can find not only dolphin, but also many small fishes.


More info :

by : Fenda and Kholil

Tokyo,  Januari 27th, 2017.  23.36 JST, 10 degree Celcius(real feel 8 degree)


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