Short Holiday to Enoshima and Kotokuin Temple (Kamakura)

Many people usually go to Enoshima during summer, particularly on Golden Week holiday (early May), but not us.. We went during New Year’s holiday (1 st January, 2017) which was winter..  Before went there, we thought that the place should be less crowded because of winter and New Year’s holiday (some places in Japan become little quiet during New Year’s holiday because Japanese people do a family gathering and praying in temple). But we were wrong! There were quite a lot of people at Enoshima and Kamakura during that time, because turned out that there are many temples there.  But still it was not as crowded as summer holiday (many people enjoy the beach in Enoshima or Kamakura during summer).

Enoshima is a small isle in Kanagawa prefecture where you can see the majestic Mt.Fuji with a beach as a background. Actually this was also our first time to go to beach in Japan, yeah.. So if you want to see Mt.Fuji from Kanagawa prefecture, you can go to Hakone (read here) or Enoshima where you can also enjoy sea and panorama. But make sure that the weather is friendly for both of Mt. Fuji and Hakone or Enoshima.


Actually one of our reason to go to Enoshima was for seeing many cats because Kholil and our lovely daughter love cat so much. Some source said there are many cats in Enoshima. But unfortunately, when we got there only a few cats were seen. The officer said the cats are hiding because there are many people. Zannen desu ne

one of some cats

The Pass

If you depart from Tokyo, there are at least  three passes that you can choose for saving budget which are Enoshima 1-Day Passport, Enoshima Kamakura Freepass and Kamakura Enoshima Pass.

  • Enoshima 1-Day Passport (Odakyu Line)

This pass covers only one round trip on your departing station (Odakyu line) – Fujisawa station, but you can stopover unlimited between Fujisawa station and Katase Enoshima station. With this pass you can also have unlimited access to enter some tourist spot in Enoshima, such as Enoshima Escar (escalator), Enoshima lighthouse and observatory (Sea Candle), Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, and Enoshima Iwaya (cave). But it does not cover Enoshima Aquarium and  Enoshima shrine, although you may get some discounts with this pass (read here).

Furthermore, Enoshima 1-Day Passport does not cover Enoden train (streetcar). You need to pay again for Enoden train (260 yen one trip or 600 yen unlimited Enoden Pass) if you want to visit Kamakura. So, this pass is more suitable for someone who would like to visit only Enoshima or just one spot in Kamakura (as we did).

Prices (the ticket valid for 1 day) : adult 1970 yen and children 990 yen from Shinjuku, adult 1670 yen and children 840 yen from Shinyurigaoka, or adult 1550 yen and children 780 yen from Machida.

  • Enoshima Kamakura Freepass (Odakyu Line)

This pass is suitable for someone who want to visit tourist spots on both Enoshima and Kamakura, because it covers one round trip on your departing station (Odakyu line) – Fujisawa station,  unlimited between Fujisawa station and Katase Enoshima station, and unlimited Enoden train. But, this pass only covers for transportation, and you must pay again for the entrance fee for each tourist spot in Enoshima. Alternatively, you can buy Enoshima Pass 1000 yen for unlimited entrance Enoshima Escar (escalator), Enoshima lighthouse and observatory (Sea Candle), Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, and Enoshima Iwaya (cave).  Actually, you can also buy a single ticket for those facilities (Escar (escalator), Enoshima lighthouse and observatory (Sea Candle), Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, and Enoshima Iwaya), but we think Enoshima Pass 1000 yen can save the budget if you decide to enter all those facilities. Enoshima Pass 1000 yen does not cover Enoshima Aquarium and Enoshima shrine.

Prices  (the ticket valid for 1 day) : adult 1470 yen and children 740 yen from Shinjuku, adult 1210 yen and children 510 yen from Machida or adult 610 yen and children 320 yen from Fujisawa.

Both Enoshima 1-Day Passport and Enoshima Kamakura Freepass can be bought at Odakyu travel in Shinjuku Station, Odawara station, or other Odakyu line stations (in a vending machine).

  • Kamakura Enoshima Pass (JR Line)

This pass covers unlimited use of Enoden trains from Fujisawa station-Kamakura, unlimited use of the Shonan Monorail from Ofuna-Enoshima, and unlimited use of local and rapid JR trains between Kamakura, Ofuna and Fujisawa. But if you depart from Tokyo, you must pay again from your departing station to Ofuna or Fujisawa and this pass can be only purchased at vending machine or office at  JR Ofuna, Fujisawa, Kamakura and Kita-Kamakura Stations.

Price : 700 yen

Beside of the three pass above, there is also Kamakura Enoshima Afternoon Pass  1000 yen (children 500 yen ) which covers unlimited use of Enoden train (600 yen), single entrance of Escar (360 yen), Enoshima lighthouse and observatory (Sea Candle, 300 yen), Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden (200 yen) –> save about 460 yen. This pass can be purchased at 13.00-15.00 at Enoshima Enoden station, Katase Enoshima station and 鎌倉駅の各窓⼝ .

Our Itinerary

imageWe decided to use Enoshima 1-Day Passport (Odakyu Line), because we only wanted to go to Enoshima. But then, Fenda changed the itinerary, we went to one of the famous spot in Kamakura, Great Buddha Kamakura in Kotokuin Temple (other tourist spot in Kamakura can be read here). So our route became Enoshima-Kotokuin temple and Enoshima again for seeing winter illumination (at night). Actually this itinerary made us feel so tired because we must walk a lot and go back and forth between Enoshima-Hase-Enoshima. But, we enjoyed the trip so much! :).

We leaved our home at 7 am, arrived at Shinjuku station about 8 am, and then went to Odakyu travel to buy Enoshima 1-Day Passport. We used Odakyu line and had to take a transit in a station (I forget the name) and ride on another train that bound for Enoshima-katase station, for about 75 minutes. If you want to try direct train which is more comfortable and save 10-15 minutes, you can use Romance Car with addition charge.

we used odakyu train (not a romance car, to save budget :D), romance car (brown) and odakyu train (white)

Finally we were here.. Enoshima..

When we arrived there, it was a sunny day with a temperature about 12 degree (celcius), which was warm. But at the night it became so cold because of wind.

there are pay locker in Katae Enoshima if you need put some your belonging
welcome to Enoshima

From Katase Enoshima station, we walked for about 15 minutes to Enoshima bashi, where you can see the beautiful Mt. Fuji (if the weather at both Mt.Fuji and Enoshima are good). You can also play in the beach, but since it was winter, there were only a few people there.

beach and mountain

From Enoshima bashi, you must walk (yeah, walk and walk again , also many stairs in Enoshima) to go to Enoshima Escar. Some people just decided not to use Escar because it spends money. But since it is included in our pass, we thought that we must try it. If you do not use Enoshima Pass or Enoshima 1-Day Passport, you can also buy single ticket for Escar. Unfortunately, Escar is only one way, for going upstairs, which means you still need to use stairs to go down.

many people, many restaurant, many shop.

There are many shops, foods, and restaurants there (if you are a muslim, please be careful with the food, since not all food is halal or muslim friendly). We tried anchovy ice cream, it tasted so delicious and a little salty. Another foods which use anchovy was Udon and Soba. Price range was about 800-1200 yen.  But we did not try it  because we already brought our bento as usual when we do travelling.

the famous food of Enoshima : shirasu (anchovy) ice cream and shirasu udon/soba

Enoshima Escar


Enoshima Escar maybe the first paid escalator in Japan since we never had to pay when taking an escalator. There are 3 sections of Enoshima Escar, with total cost for all section to be 360 yen, but you can also buy a single ticket for every section (for saving budget, if you do not use Enoshiam 1-day Passport, you can buy Enoshima pass for 1000 yen, for an unlimited use of Enoshima Escar, Samuel Cocking Garden and Iwaya Cave). Some people may choose to go to the top of Enoshima on foot (not using the Escar), but it needs time and also stamina :).

Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea Candle

Our first destination was Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, it is located at section 3 of Enoshima Escar. In that garden, you can see many beautiful flowers and plants. Some flowers or plants maybe fall out because of winter (as you can see in photo below).

After did a sightseeing in Samuel Cocking Garden, we visited Sea Candle located inside Samuel Cocking Garden, single entrance fee 300 yen (if you don`t have a pass). At sea candle we can see Enoshima from above (by lift) which is so beautiful.

There is also illumination in Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea Candle during the winter. So, don`t miss it if you go to Enoshima in winter. You can get an unlimited entrance to Samuel Cocking Garden with Enoshima pass 1000 yen or Enoshima 1 Day-Passport. We entered Samuel Cocking Garden 3 times hehe…

Samuel Cocking Garden
Sea Candle

Enoshima Iwaya (cave)

From Samuel Cocking Garden, we continued our journey to Enoshima Iwaya. There is no Escar (escalator) to get there because the location of Iwaya cave is lower than Samuel Cocking Garden. Enoshima is full of stairs, they are everywhere. You need to go upstair for Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea Candle (either Escar or stair) and down stair for Iwaya cave. After Iwaya cave you get upstair and then down stair or you can use boat from Iwaya cave.

Along the road to Iwaya cave, we can enjoy sea panorama (but be careful! many eagles are flying there). You can also read the history about Enoshima in Iwaya cave’s wall.

the beach
the cave was quite dark, so we only took a few photos there
from Iwaya cave we decided to use boat, it costed 400 yen/adult

Kotokuin Temple, Kamakura

During our tour, Fenda suddenly wanted to change the intinerary, she wanted to visit one of the famous tourist spots in Kamakura, which is Great Buddha of Kamakura in Kotokuin temple. Kotokuin temple located in Hase, about 8-10 minutes on foot from Enoden Hase station. You must walk about 15 minutes from Katase Enoshima station to Enoden Enoshima station. We paid Enoden ticket 260 yen/people/one way to Hase station.

Finally we tried Enoden, a famous train among tourists. Enoden is a kind of street cars. Sometimes the rail is very near from residence area, and on the other location it is also near from the beach. That is a part of the reasons that makes enoden to be famous. It spent about minutes  from Enoden Enoshima station to Hase station and we were standing because train was so crowded.

So, for our itinerary (Enoshima-Hase-Enoshima), we needed to walk for at least 90-100 minutes (Katase Enoshima – Enoshima bashi 15 minutes, Enoshima bashi-Enoden Enoshima Station 20-25 minutes, Enoden Hase station- Kotokuin temple 8-10 minutes, Kotokuin temple-Enoden Hase station 8-10 minutes, Enoden Enoshima station – Enoshima bashi 20 minutes, Enoshima bashi-Katase Enoshima 15 minutes). Moreover, we had to climb a lot of stairs 😁😁).


Some shops were closed during New Year Holiday, but Kotokuin temple still had many visitors. There was also Halal Turki shop/restaurant near Kotokuin temple, but at that time it was closed.


After 8-10 minutes, we arrived at Kotokuin temple. There were still many visitors although it was almost 4.30 pm ( open hour 8 am-5.30 pm). We paid for entrance fee 200 yen, then entered Kotokuin temple which was not too large to find great buddha. Actually the buddha statue was not so big as we had thought before. But, Fenda was so satisfied since she could see one the famous tourist spots in Japan! 😀


We didn`t go to another tourist spot in Kamakura because it was already dark (Yeah, travelling with children needs some extra time). Instead, we headed back to Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden to see winter illumination.

Enoshima Illumination

From Kotokuin temple, we went back to Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden. We sat down at one place (near Enoshima bashi ) to eat some food (our delicious bento hehehe). After dinner, we walked again to the entrance of Escar. We used Escar again to get to Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden. But we must use the stairs to get down (of course we did, because no Escar to go down ). The illumination was so beautiful.. Our daughter was also excited to see many colorful LEDs. Alhamdulillah..

winter illumination, yeaaayy…
Note: Yuka my sweetheart, during travelling there are many photos with papa but only a few with mama, right? That’s true, because mama is the photographer! 😊. Mama like to take you photo with papa, so that we can remember the happy and good moment later.

After seeing illumination, we went home and arrived safely at 9-10 pm.

Total budget of FK’s trip

  • JR train from FK’s house to Shinjuku station and Shinjuku station to FK’s house = 216 yen x 2 x 2 people = 864 yen.
  • Enoshima 1 day passport : 1970 yen x 2 = 3940 yen.
  • Shirasu ( young sardines ) ice cream = 350 yen.
  • Boat from Iwaya Cave to Enoshima Bashi = 400 yen x 2 = 800 yen.
  • Enoden train from Enoshima station to Hase station and Hase station to Enoshima station = 260 yen x 2 x 2 people = 1040 yen.
  • Kotokuin temple fee entrance = 200 yen x 2 = 400 yen
  • Drink = 129 yen.
    For this trip, Kholil spent about 7523 yen (total for 2 adult).
    As usual, we already brought snack (chiki, peanut) 2 bottles of water, bento (rice with teriyaki fish, bacem tofu, and cucumber) and sandwich.

Note :

  • If you want to follow our itinerary : Enoshima and one spot only in Kamakura, you can use Enoshima 1-Day Passport ( Odakyu Line ) 1970 yen + return ticket Enoden (Enoshima-Hase station) 520 yen or Enoshima Kamakura Freepass ( Odakyu Line ) 1470 yen + Enoshima pass 1000 yen, not so much different.
  • Can you use a stroller in Enoshima and Kamakura image? Actually this was our big question when we planned to go to Enoshima. The answer is yes, you can, BUT you will find so many stairs that make it harder to bring it. To make it easier to you, you should use the Escar, or use a boat from Iwaya cave (only if Iwaya cave is your last destination, but be careful since there is no boat after 4 pm during winter time),  or bring a baby carrier. Unfortunately, you still need to use stairs if you go to Iwaya cave from Samuel Cocking garden because there is no Escar to get there. Also there is also no Escar going down, so you must use stairs while holding the stroller and of course the baby. But finally we chose not to bring our stroller.
  • There is no pray room, so you may want to bring your own pray sheet or mat/plastic sheet. We brought one mat sheet from 100 yen shop.
  • Are there any toilet? of course yes..
  • Baby diaper’s changing room?  yes, some toilette have it.
  • Nursery room? Actually we don’t know because our almost 2-years old daughter seldom nurse in public place so we didn’t search for it and we usually bring her nursery cover wherever we go.
  • If you plan to go to Enoshima and Kamakura, prepare your stamina. You must deal with stairs and a long walks.

More information about Odakyu Pass, Kamakura and Enoshima can be read here.

Enjoy Enoshima and Kamakura 🙂


Itabashi ku, 25 Feb 2017, 14.52 JST, sunny, 12 degree celcius

Fenda and Kholil


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